• Certified Health Coach
  • Licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, YACEP, Trainer since 2004
  • Certified Fitness Instructor and Senior Wellness Specialist
  • Business owner, Entrepreneur for 30 plus years
  • 20+ years Yoga teacher and trainer, including asana and meditation
  • Founder and Principal of AZ Therapeutic Associates LLC 2010
  • Founder and Principal of One Acre Foundation 2018
  • Founder and Principal of Shreyas School of Yoga Living LLC 2017
  • Founder and Principal of Yoga Youth Teacher Training (Y2T2) 2017
  • Founder and Principal of SPACE Wellness 2018
  • Founder and Principal of Living Life Well 2020

About Me

Hi there! I have been working in the health and wellness field for more than 20 years. Much of this work has been as an entrepreneur and small business owner.  In 2020, I embarked on an educational journey to deepen my knowledge of business management in the medical/health/fitness industries. I will earn my degree in Health Administration through the University of Phoenix by 2024. All the work I do with my clients and students now will be enhanced by the studies for this degree and the continuing education work I do to remain a professional in my field. We must keep evolving! I am good at this.

On a personal level, I am a born-and-raised Phoenician currently living in Scottsdale with my fuzzies, fins, and “my guy”. I practice what I preach and take advantage of self-rejuvenation daily so that I can serve my clients and students well. I study with my teacher regularly and edit his new writings. I like getting older. No, really! It’s part of what makes me authentic in my guidance of others – younger or older.

I follow good science, am committed to “first do no harm”, believe in a symbiotic existence where everything has a connection and my thoughts, words and actions do matter.

Please, reach out to me, 888.451.3339, if we might be a good fit for the transformations you envision. Thanks!


Az Therapeutic Associates

Established while in the final days of massage school, Casey invited the “cream of the crop” from her class to begin their professional therapist career within a supportive new environment, AZTA.

For 7 years, AZTA provided opportunities for LMT’s to broaden their client base in a traditional brick and mortar office, through out-call and by way of corporate chair massage.

“Simplifying” has been occurring naturally in the course of AZTA and now the work being done is primarily by Casey herself, while she refers to established LMT’s in keeping with the client’s best interest. During these times of “new frontiers” created by Covid, she has redesigned the focus of the business once again, recently signing for new office space at 2960 E. Northern, A-102, Phoenix. This new space will allow for ease of practice for her multiple health and wellness services.

Yoga Youth Teacher Training

Yoga Youth Teacher Training, Shreyas School of Yoga Living, and One Acre Foundation were all created for the facilitation of the authentic principles and practices of Eastern Wisdom as taught by Himalayan masters for thousands of years. Casey’s teacher Girish Jha, a student of this lineage for 40 plus years, is the inspiration that guides Casey on the path of her evolution and propels her creativity and efforts to bring Eastern Wisdom to those in need and those seeking proven tools for everyday living.

Yoga Youth Teacher Training is the first of its kind!

Y2T2 is the only (last we checked) Yoga Alliance approved and registered 200-hour teacher training designed for youth ages 12 – 17 (at enrollment).

Our graduates have incredible knowledge of authentic yoga practices and principles but also have lessons in practical life skills – money management, positive self-awareness, and more!

Y2T2 is available through the One Acre Foundation and through the Shreyas School of Yoga Living. The difference is only whether we are able to provide assistance for those underprivileged, low-income students through the non-profit One Acre Foundation or for those students whose families can manage financially, the Shreyas School of Yoga Living.

Please visit www.Y2T2.org for more info or email at casey@pcasey.org with your questions.

One Acre Foundation

One Acre Foundation is a non-profit serving those in the underserved, underprivileged communities. Guest speaking and educating in the classrooms and gymnasiums (elementary through high school), Casey has had the opportunity to bring Yoga Youth Teacher Training and Eastern Wisdom to communities where yoga has not been available readily. Working with Phoenix Children’s Hospital introducing yoga practices to families who have lived through traumatic events utilizing Zoom for weekly classes is another example of the work she does for those in the One Acre Foundation focal point. Behind the scenes of One Acre Foundation, Casey researches and writes grant proposals, as Secretary, coordinates matters for the Board and generally guides the foundation at the direction of Girish Jha.

Shreyas School of Yoga Living

The Shreyas School of Yoga Living is the “for profit” side of the authentic yoga work. Classes are held virtually and in the Shreyas School of Yoga Living home studio, SPACE (more on SPACE to come), and the program Yoga Youth Teacher Training (Y2T2) is offered through both Shreyas School of Yoga Living and One Acre Foundation. Casey is the editor or what become books for her teacher, Girish, and spends a minimum of 2 hours each week under his tutelage. In 2019, Girish and Casey hosted a meditation intensive in Haridwar and Rishikesh India for students and parents of Y2T2 and others seeking an immersion in authentic yoga in its land of origin. This year’s trip has been postponed until most likely 2022 or later. Still, the work continues!

Living Life Well

Living Life Well is Casey’s newest business which incorporates her latest earned title of Certified Health & Wellness Coach. At the onset of her furloughed position with the leading health club in the valley, Casey immediately took advantage of the extra time in her schedule embarked on continuing education for her professional positions. The first enrollment was with ACE’s certification for health coaching. Casey’s long time-affiliation with the American Council on Exercise as a Group Instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist as well as her studies with them in their Personal Training certification made the decision of where to learn an easy one. ACE’s curriculum is respected, thorough, and not easy. When you test through ACE, you gotta know what you are talking about! Receiving her certification in July of this year, she began gaining clinical experience immediately by offering coaching sessions to people she knew in the fitness/wellness community that were embarking on lifestyle changes. Each week she meets with a few clients to support them in their journey of wellness.

SPACE Wellness

SPACE Wellness began in 2018. Casey’s bodywork client had a commercial space he thought would be ideal for a yoga studio for Casey. After more than a year of his offering and her gentle refusal, Casey presented the concept of SPACE – a studio that could be rented by the hour for classes, events, trainings, presentations, and the like. Stemming from the truths that the Phoenix and surrounding areas were filled with yoga studios and teachers of every variety, SPACE could be a place that teachers who are looking to hone their new skills, teachers who had more to offer than their places of employment could provide, students who wanted a place they could learn without an investment in a monthly membership or in addition to their home studio, could come to SPACE and share in a community-supported by like-mindedness. Since the summer of 2018, SPACE has seen dance classes, musical events, a variety of yoga trainings and classes, guest speakers, and events on mindfulness, movement, and ritual. Even in the time of social distancing where gyms and studios have had to close temporarily for the statewide mandate, SPACE has been maintained as it is not a place of business as these. Casey’s role in SPACE is the coordinator between the building’s owner, the renters and the attendees.