Khali & Me

  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach
  • Licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 & Continuing Education Provider
  • ACE Senior Fitness Specialist, Group Instructor
  • Educational & Motivational Speaker

Are you living fully connected to what makes you feel wonderful?

Together, we can collaborate and identify the elements of YOUR BEST SELF while we address obstacles and CREATE LASTING CHANGE!



What is it you want to create? Healthier eating habits? Better sleep experience? Lose some weight? Run a marathon or hike a challenging site? Coaching supports you as you learn your why’s and how’s for change. Coaching assists you in identifying your strengths and your triggers so success doesn’t just happen; You actively create your better wellness and healthier self!


Yoga is for every body. Every mind. The best yoga is taught directly, teacher to student. In our modern world, we do so much in a group setting. I have been teaching individuals to large groups for many years. Whether it is Yoga for the Workplace, Yoga for Stretch or Strength, Yoga for Relaxation or yoga for most any healthful reason at all, I can show you safely and effectively how to use yoga for well-being.


We are living longer with more vibrancy and optimism! I assist older adults as they transition out of a body in it’s 40’s and 50’s into a wiser way of movement, thinking and being. Brain and body fitness, balance, strength, nutrition, sleep, socialization – we all need to know how they work on us. The more we refine the process, the more in balance we live.


Understanding stress is essential to treating stress. Working together, I will listen and learn from you about your stressors and we will design a plan that will empower you in conquering them. Cognitive Behavior Therapy meets Eastern Wisdom 🙂 Yes, it is more than possible. Let us begin!



I have been a licensed therapeutic massage therapist, nationally certified and recognized, for 10 years. AZ Therapeutic Associates LLC is the company I began just before my graduation from massage school. My clients range in age from under 10 to over 100. Athletes, weekend warriors, those recovering from injuries or surgeries, referrals from physical therapists and physicians, as well as folks seeking overall stress and tension relief are my client base. I am trained in many modalities – active release and Graston techniques, myofascial/myoskeletal release, cupping, along with traditional massage are all at the tips of my fingers.


Mentoring youth through the teachings of authentic yoga practices and principles. Yoga Youth Teacher Training is a 200-hour certification program for adolescents where we enable students to understand the nature of their mind, the influence of what is outside and the importance of knowing “the inside”. Students learn yoga postures and mindfulness in a way that they are empowered, for themselves first, and then to guide others.


  • Stress
  • Wellness
  • Motivation, Inspiration
  • Goal Setting & Creating Habits
  • Functional Movement First
    Are a few of the topics I have been asked to explore and educate with groups. Large corporations to smaller businesses benefit from supporting their workforce by presenting informative, interactive events where new skills and knowledge can be learned.